The Institute of Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) states that nearly one third of all adults take five or more medications each day. The more medications a person takes the more likely they are putting themselves at risk for negative health effects. There is a greater risk of taking medications wrong, forgetting to take the medications, or taking too much or too little. A study conducted in 2001 estimated that in one year 9 million hospital admissions and more than 18 million emergency rooms visits attributed to incorrect use of medications. To reduce these risks Rapps Pharmacy is providing medication compliance packaging for patients and institutions.

Medication compliance packaging is “bubble packaging” that will include the date, time and all of your medications. There will also be a list of what medications are in each individual “cup.” It will be packaged for 30 days and can be changed if a new medication is provided by your doctor. If you are traveling you do not have to take the whole package with you. You can easily break one cup off and just take that. pills2



Benefits for Patients :

  • Prepackaged Doses: All medications will be in perfectly labeled package with your name, date, time and medication names.
  • Calendar Packaging: all medications will be packaged for an easy to follow 30 day supply. You can remove one single dose or several doses if you need your medication on the go.
  • Reminder Message: Medicine-On-Time will send you messages when it is time to take your medicine. Each message will come with exact instructions on how to take the medicine.
  • Easy Refills: You never have to rush to get to the pharmacy or wait in line. Rapps Pharmacy will synchronize your refills and get your next package ready before you need it.

Benefits for Institutions :

  • Prepackaged Doses: All medications will be in perfectly labeled package with name, date, time and medication names. There will be no confusion as to what medications belong to whom and when to give patients their medications.
  • Streamlined Distribution: It will save a lot of time for the staff. They will not have to go to each individual bottle and take out the patients’ medications. All they have to do is pop them out of one pill cup.
  • Risk Reduction: Since the medication will come prepackaged from the pharmacy, the staff will reduce the risk of missing doses, doubling up on doses and even save time trying to figure out when to give what medication.
  • Advanced Charting Options: Rapps Pharmacy will provide charting options such as complete MARs and physician orders when needed.

If any questions feel free to contact us.

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