Benefits of Customized Medication Packaging System

Customized Medication Packaging Systems


It has become necessary, now to provide enhanced, better and more professional healthcare services to patients, especially for the terminally sick, and the elderly. This is necessary considering that these people find it very difficult to manage their affairs on their own, without external help and assistance. It is in this context, that a customized medication packaging system can render itself to be a useful and productive feature of healthcare.


When the primary purpose is to provide top quality healthcare to patients, additional care is required. Several pharmacies and hospitals have now come forward with the idea of providing customized medication packaging systems. This is especially useful for those patients who cannot manage their own medications, as prescribed. This may be due to physical disabilities, mental infirmities and a combination of other factors.


In spite of their difficulties and illnesses, many men and women prefer to remain independent and self sufficient in their old age. This is a part of the cultural ethos of the society and sociological systems patterns within which they have grown up, passed through their formative years etc. The newly available customized medication packaging systems from pharmacies and hospitals therefore offer help to individuals to keep and maintain their independence as far as taking their medicines at the prescribed times.


The normally available customized medication packaging systems have basically ‘multi-dosage’ features. They generally contain 28 individual small pockets (blisters) for a specific time on each day. Each of these separate small pockets contain the medicine for morning, noon, evening and night. Each of the pockets or blisters will indicate the details of the patient (name, date of birth, gender etc),the name of the medicine, the dosage and the timing at which they have to be taken. It is pre-packed and customized to be of maximum assistance to the patient.


The following can be listed as the advantages of Customized Medication Packaging Systems:

  1. They are easy to handle and open.
  2. They are detachable and portable, from a single dose to multiple doses.
  3. Dosage times are marked and can be identified by a separate color and patients will soon become quite familiar with the color code system.
  4. Filling of the small pockets or blisters with the corresponding medicine is done directly under the care and supervision of the pharmacist and chances for mistakes or wrong medications are completely eliminated.
  5. These customized packages are more hygienic, clean and convenient when compared to existing and standard pill containers.
  6. The system works as a good reminder and the chances for not taking the correct medication at the correct time is reduced.
  7. They are very reasonably and economically priced.

These have proved to be a great service to many patients all over the world. The objective of these modern pill containers, their novelties and the advantages they offer to the elderly and the sick has been reviewed and one of the suppliers of these medicine delivery systems Rapps Pharmacy.